Moores Hotel St Peter Port.
Moores Hotel Guernsey.
Accessibility statement.

Moores Hotel Accessibility Statement

This hotel accessibility statement provides helpful information of Moores Hotel Guernsey's facilities and services, specifically in relation to accessibility to people with access needs.

Moores Hotel was built as a townhouse in the Eighteenth century meaning there are some physical limitations to the level of accessibility, we can provide however, our staff will do their utmost to help guests in anyway they can.

Pre Arrival

Reservations can be made by telephone (01481 72442), email: or online but the first two are preferable if there are special requirements.

Taxis can be pre-ordered to meet guests at both the airport and ferry terminal.


Moores does not have a car park and is located just off the High Street – however cars are able to drop passengers and luggage at the door.

There is a kerb and then two steps (15cm each) to the front door. There are two sets of doors into the lobby. There is a portable ramp which can be used to access the hotel. There is a doorbell if help is required and help would be given with luggage. The door widths are 94cm, opening inwards and there is coconut matting in the draught lobby.

Check In

The Reception desk is 96cm high. The flooring is marble with a carpet inset. Seating is available in the lobby as is luggage storage. The public toilets in the Reception area are via a narrow corridor (85cm) and have steps both into the cloakrooms and the cubicles. The doors into the cloakrooms are 74cm wide, and the cubicles 60cm wide.

There is a lift with 80cm wide entrance x 1.40m length which serves most rooms and has vocal announcements for each floor, and handrails on the sides.

Public Areas

The Rendezvous bar is located near Reception on the ground floor (open most evenings) with door width of 80cm and marble flooring. JB Parker's is also located on the ground floor. Access is via a 72cm doorway and two steps. Tiled flooring. An accessible toilet is located within the bar. The outer door is 90cm opening inwards. Corridor is 95cm and cubicle door is 85cm.

The lift provides access to the Conservatory Restaurant and the Hideaway Brasserie and terrace. The floors in the corridor are carpeted, in the Conservatory itself Karndean, and the Hideaway a mixture of Karndean hard flooring and carpet. The terrace is paved with flagstones. There are public toilets on this first floor – door entry width 72cm opening inwards, second lobby door same width and cubicle width 63cm opening inwards.


Classic double or twin-bedded rooms are available with shower cubicles with one step up. There are grab rails in the shower cubicles. Room 304 is located close to the lift and has a walk-in shower with no steps. We can provide a chair for use in the bathrooms.

Fire Alarms are bells in the corridors and bells with strobe in the bedrooms. Assistance would be given in the event of evacuation.

The Sanctuary Health Suite is located on the second floor, accessible by lift. There is one step and a door width 80cm opening inwards into the Health Suite. Changing rooms doors are 72cm wide opening inwards, and walk-in shower has two steps up.